Liquastone Pigments manufactures specialty pigments for use in a wide variety of industries: printing, leather, arts and crafts, coatings, and cosmetics.

Pearlescent Metallic Pigment: Metallic pigments are actually iron oxide or titanium dioxide coated mica flakes. The flakes are crushed to sizes smaller than 100 micron. These pigments can be used in a variety of binders to produce a metallic like effect on anything they are applied.

Pearlescent Ghost Pigment:Ghost pigments are typically applied as a highlight color over other colors but appear best over darker bases.You will only see the pearl color at certain angles and in certain lights, hence the term ghost.

Glow in the Dark Pigment:Glow in the dark pigments must be "charged" by exposing them to light.Full charge in our pigments take about 20 minutes in strong light.With a full charge they will glow for about 12 hours.

Chameleon Pigment:Chameleon special effects pigments are also known as color changing or flip flop pigments. The color is defined by the viewing angle and may contain numerous colors. Chameleon colors are best applied over a black or dark base.

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